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Since1987, we are Masters in the installation of your precious wallpaper


We have a large experience in all situations

Mur-O-Tech has seen so many different situations that require expert wallpaper hanging to maximize your results...


We are as good for a hockey player as we are for you !

Mur-O-Tech has an enviable reputation in wallpaper hanging, for its quality of work and for low prices as well !

We provide an excellent service. Our customers are proud and all smiles !

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By hiring Mur-O-Tech, give yourself the best work at an affordable price for your wallpaper us !


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MUR-O-TECH Inc Since 1987, our company is in wallpaper installation.  Our experience and the quality of our work are making Mur-O-Tech the best choice when you need to remove wallpaper or to install wallpaper for your residence or your company.

Yes, Wallpaper is now promoted by the Designers

There is new paper material on the market, new ways to install these. We, at Mur-o-Tech are aware of everything in regards to the wallpaper industry.

  • Plain paper (ANAGLYPTA)
  • Grasscloth(natural fiber)
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Dry peel
  • Prepasted papers

Each paper has its own installation particularities! Trust experts from the beginning

  • Designers
  • Painters
  • Renovating companies
  • Contractors
  • Self-contractors

They all trust MUR-O-TECH.  Contact us for your projects and we will be proud to send you a proposition. We are making sure that the people we work for are satisfied

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