Preparation for the wallpaper hanger


Walls preparation for Wallpaper


1. Prepare the surface

Adequately prepare the surfaces which you wish to paper. Thoroughly wash and rinse the walls before hanging the paper. Use a degreasing cleanser ("TSP" type) on painted walls.

Where there has previously been wallpaper, use a steam stripper or wallpaper remover and a scraper.  You can contact us to remove wallpaper.
  • Cover woodwork, trim and floors, and remove peeling or strippable wallpaper.
  • Apply a thick coat of stripper on the surface with a roller or wallpaper brush. You can use 3MTM gel stripper. Allow to penetrate for 20 to 30 minutes. If stripper dries out, apply another coat.
  • Use a putty knife to remove softened wallpaper. If any glue remains on the wall, moisten the surface again with stripper to dissolve it.
  • Clean the wall with a pad or wallpaper sponge. Rinse wall with a sponge and clean water. Let dry completely.
  • For hard-to-reach places, small surfaces and borders, you can use 3MTM spray stripper.

Fill in the cracks and the holes left by nails or screws with a specialised product.